What do we do?

We provide evidence-based vestibular rehabilitation to treat symptoms commonly experienced with vestibular dysfunction. Some of those symptoms are seen below.

Depending on your geographic location, your therapist will treat you at your home, treat you through secure videoconferencing, or a combination of the two.

Could I benefit from vestibular rehabilitation?

There are numerous conditions that can affect your vestibular system or your balance in general. If you experience any of the below symptoms, you may be a candidate for vestibular therapy. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have prior to scheduling your appointment.

Balance Awareness Week 2019

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Perhaps most have never heard of their vestibular system, but it is likely that all have experienced symptoms at one time or another. Whether you went on a carnival ride and felt nauseated afterward, lost your balance due to a misstep, or felt the “spins” after a long night out; you’ve likely experienced symptoms similar to those felt due to a vestibular disorder.

The goal of Balance Awareness Week is to shine a light on the otherwise invisible vestibular disorders.

More awareness can bring better care, better support, and better understanding by all.

In honor of Balance Awareness Week, our founder is offering FREE 10-minute phone educational consults for those located in the states she is licensed in on 9/22/2019. Ask her questions to better understand your diagnosis, what a typical treatment plan should include, where to find support, and more.

Please consider supporting the 69 million+ Americans with vestibular disorders by spreading the word or donating to Vestibular Disorders Association. “Together we can pave the way toward restoring a life rebalanced.”

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